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Date: Friday, Jul 12 2024
From: Sonny Arora

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Time is short, so let's get to the heart of it. We're all looking for new quick and easy ways to enhance our Profit Margin.

Identifying the Problem.

Fact: Dealers spend more time concentrating on selling prices then evaluating wholesaler costs.

Dealers consider Wholesaler as their "Go-to" solution for pricing strategies ... especially when they don't want to spend time or money hiring staff to do these activities.

When it comes down to Selling Price, most dealers rely solely on standard Matrix sell price files provided by the Wholesaler/Supplier. This one size fits all approach may not be the most effective way to enhance your margins and may actually make you noncompetitive.

When it comes to Product Cost, unlike price increases of the past where manufacturer’s increases were the prime catalyst of your wholesaler/supplier cost increases to you, today your cost files are changed constantly without prior notification to you.

There is no secret that today more than ever your wholesaler/supplier is under pressure to improve its Profit Margin to build shareholders value. The easiest way to do that is to increase costs to its customers, THE DEALER.

Most Dealers still believe that a wholesaler/supplier has your best interest at heart, to that I say "Trust but Verify".

In the past it took countless hours to keep an eye on cost changes and now most don’t even bother checking. Who’s watching the Hen House? Dealers tend to put blind faith in their wholesaler/supplier.

With Amazon nipping at your heels, the days of complacency must come to an end. One-day you're on top... and the next... you're losing customers to companies like Amazon or selling at ridiculously low margins just to keep the business!

The Easiest way to pick up Profit Margin is to evaluate costs and purchasing smart. Most dealers don’t look beyond their 1st call wholesaler.

Why is this important to you?

Well, let's consider this, at this very moment your wholesaler is analyzing cost programs and manipulating your cost based on demand, which direction the wind is blowing and I am sure some competitive and retail analysis. Thousands of products are effected with no regard for you or your customers. To my knowledge dealers are not consulted or advised of such cost increases.

All you are aware is that you need to make sure your software provider has to update cost. Do you know what was updated and especially what was increased? This directly has a negative effect to your profit margin and very well make a difference between being profitable or not.

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Key benefits:

  • Create clear and concise data analysis within seconds.
  • Have Leverage over your Suppliers and re-negotiate with fact not fiction.
  • Put Suppliers on Notice that arbitrary increases without justification will not be acceptable.
  • Create surgical increases for customers for items that you are increased on to maintain margin.
  • Easily select best wholesaler to purchase select items from to add profit margin to the bottom line.
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